Tuesday, May 8, 2012

a time for change...

... and no I don't mean Obama

I mean my hair. As in, this time tomorrow, I'll be a brunette.

Since I was in 6th grade and started drooling over shows like Gilmore Girls and Charmed, full of pretty women with long brown locks, I've wanted those brown locks as well. Especially due to the fact that I was blessed with one halfway decent quality- blue eyes. The idea of brown hair making my blue eyes pop was dramatically tipping the scales in "brunette"'s favor.

After about ten years of mulling it over I've decided it's finally time. Ha, at least it's most definitely not an impulsive decision, right?

But, because I'm me, there is always that little morsel of doubt in the back of my mind.

After polling the people, the general consensus is that it won't look bad, but still... That small part of me is going "are you sure?" (Because who actually says, "that will look terrible on you, don't do it"?)

The good thing is, it's a semi-permanent, meaning, if it's that terrible, it will gradually fade out over 6 or so weeks. So, not too bad, right? That's way better than having to wait until it grows out. Which, in my hair's case, would be never.

I'm actually still amazed that I'm actually going through with this, considering I am the biggest "maybe" baby I know. Everything I talk about doing, I never do. Tattoo, belly ring... still inkless, and my only piercings are in my ears. So this is kind of a big deal. :p

Ahh! This time tomorrow I'll be a brunette!

Bye bye blondie!

I promise I'm not nearly as vain as the excessive number of "self" pics I have floating around on Instagram on a daily basis may imply. They are purely "good" makeup or hair moments haha. And none of these were taken on the same day.. so it's really not as bad as it seems, lol.

Also, coming up on Friday I have yet another idea for a weekly feature... more info on that at the end of the week. But, here's a little tease- it involves a weekly giveaway! Hope it's something people would be into. Who doesn't want free shit? Hehe, jk. But really.. :p