Monday, June 4, 2012


Unfortunately, because I've been so busy lately, poor little miss Maddie hasn't been getting quite as much attention as she deserved. Today though was a bit slower, and so I spent the bulk of the day with her. Give or take all of it, if you count the time spent in the same room.

This might sound weird since I know dogs are "just pets" (whatever), but my dogs are like kids of mine. Chloe, who I had for 10 years, and has only been gone just shy of 7 months, I will admit, I still cry over, occasionally. In fact, today was one of those occasions. I don't know if I'll ever be "over" that dog.

And Maddie now, same goes for her. Again, this might sound weird, but sometimes I wonder if she'll ever know how much I love the sh*t out of her. Hehe.

4. Close-up

I mean, come one. Just look at that face!