Monday, June 4, 2012

day 3

I have a w e i r d appetite.

While I don't eat constantly, I definitely eat a lot.

Most normal people, I'd say, have 3-4 meals a day. I tend to have 5-6. Normal breakfast, and then 2 little lunches and 2 small dinners. So it looks like I'm eating a lot. But I'm in the process of rationalizing convincing myself that it's okay how I eat, because it only seems like a lot, when from a portion perspective, it more than likely adds up to a normal amount of food per day.

And then there are days where I can do 3 meals and no more, no problem. I think it all boils down to how occupied I am. I guess I'm a boredom eater. If I have school or work, I eat less. If I am left home to entertain myself, bring on the 5-6 munchy-meals per day.

Yesterday I had off work. It was one of those days. Which would explain yesterday's picture of the day.

3. On my Plate

I never said it was healthy food. :p And, no, technically not a plate, but I figure, if you don't eat on a normal schedule, then normal plates aren't required either. :p

And hey, at least it keeps my metabolism up and at 'em, right? ;p