Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A day at the spa!

Not for me though.

For my little diva friend Maddie.

Yup, the pup is going for her first grooming!

Normally I just run her down to the vet for a quick nail trim when she is in need, but lately I have been so busy and rushing around, that I just haven't had time. So I looked up a few local grooming places and settled on one about 5 minutes away. My previous BFF Chloe required pretty much no maintenance aside from getting her nails trimmed. Maddie, on the other hand, as a Golden demands a bit more attention in the beauty department.

I'm definitely hoping this is a positive experience. I'm a little nervous, since I didn't exactly look up references or anything, but it was top listed among the local places, and I drive by it every day and see dogs coming in and out. They have a sign, and a little play area where I see dogs romping around all the time. Seems legit enough, right? I just hope Maddie socializes okay (which, I think I'm more worried about the other dogs than her) and isn't afraid of the grooming process itself either.

Fingers crossed!

This time tomorrow this little furball will be looking beaut!