Thursday, June 28, 2012

some randoms... including the time I lied about my age. aka today.

Don't have much time today. I had a class this morning, and am trying to soak up what's left of my free time before work steals my night away from me. Argh.

So, without further ado...

+ For those wondering, little miss Maddie did well at her first grooming, and came out looking adorable. Trimmed up, nails no longer ungodly long, and smelling delicious. I hope she enjoyed at least some of it and wasn't a nervous wreck the whole time. Poor pop.
Note the cute little "Happy Tails" bandana she is rocking.... I give it three days before it shows up in her poop. Looks like she's already started to enjoy the "I" in "tails"... ;p "Cute" doesn't last long on this one.
+ I had a test* this morning, and I have that "I either aced it or bombed it" feeling, you know? I finished first with about 45 minutes to spare, after looking over and checking my answers for 15 minutes... so I am hoping that I did well, and not that I finished quick because I had no idea what I was doing... haha. Gulp!
* when I first typed this, I wrote it as "a text this morning" ... Oh text messaging. It's everywhere. :p

+ After I got home and made a delicious turkey burger (not bragging. I was starving, so 6-day-old pizza would have stroked my taste buds. This says nothing about my cooking inability), I may or may not have sat down at the computer, lied about my age (July 25, 1989 1997 sounds about right!), and proceeded to vote for the teen choice awards. Normal people? They lie about their age by saying they are older so that they can buy 18/21+ items, create accounts on websites, enter chatrooms (what? people don't use those anymore?) etc. Me? I say I'm younger so that I can vote for The Kardashians to win a surf board at an award show I don't even watch. I wish I were joking.

+ Tonight I'm working. Ick. That place is really getting to me. I think it is all the time off between my last day of work one week and my first day the next. I go Sunday-Thursday without working. So it really hurts to go back Thursday nights. Ick. But it's only like, 5 hours. Hopefully I can suck it up and stop whining long enough to make some money to buy a MacBook.

+ It's one of those "bad period" months.  I'm lucky enough to go more or less cramp-less for the bulk of my periods. But then, every few months or so, I get a really bad bout of cramps, as if to make up for those months of painless bleeding (because, you know, they are a party otherwise!). Anyway, this is one of those months. I'm taking two Midol with me tonight, ready to whip them out when I need them the most. I'm hoping the cramps will taper off a bit though, it's been a few days now. Come on Mother Nature, it's summer- cut me some slack!

Well, that's all for now... how are your weeks going so far? Any weekend or 4th of July plans? Is this weekend fourth of July weekend? Or next? Don't people usually try to squeeze a weekend out of the holiday, regardless of where it falls? Hmm... must be awkward when it falls on a Wednesday. :p Either way, I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday if I don't drag my butt back to the blog before then!