Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday randoms...

Hey ladies! Happy Saturday! And a gorgeous one, I might add!

I figured that when it came to easing my way back into the blogosphere, there was no time like the present, right?

Well, that, and I'm currently left with nothing to do, since I'm waiting for my hair to dry before I can straighten it. Hehe.

So, what have I been up to that's been keeping me from the blog, you might ask?

In short, "hanging out".

I know I say that a lot, and it's not very descriptive, but it's pretty much what I've been doing for the past month or so of this little thing called summer.

+ For starters, Anthony has decided to stay in Connecticut for grad school. Cue: party. Yay! Woohoo! For those who don't know, he graduated this spring with a Bachelor's in Architecture, and was going to continue onto grad school at Rhode Island School of Design, starting in the fall. But first, as per their policy, everyone attending their school, graduate, undergraduate, or otherwise, had to complete a 6-week intensive "foundations" summer program. Let me tell you, it was hard enough waving goodbye knowing he'd be back that weekend, let alone entertaining the thought of him being gone for 6 weeks, with sparse visits in between. I figured I would dive into the CB (since I had been getting my shifts covered a lot), keeping myself occupied and making oodles of cash at the same time. Well, much to my relief (and his parents' as well, from what I can tell), literally 3 hours before he had to leave to go back to Rhode Island on Sunday, he randomly said to me, "should I stay here?" Basically, there was a huge student loan debt that would claim a decent chunk of income for about 10-15 years. Possibly 20, and the amount would be even more outrageous if interest rates increased. After 2.5 hours of discussion at his kitchen table with his parents, he made the decision to stay here and return to the school where he graduated (as their top student in the program, they gladly welcomed him back, lol). My attachments aside, I think he made the absolute right choice. Yes, it was an excellent school, but all accredited schools are suitable schools. The rankings of the schools are student hirings-based (therefore irrelevant as far as I'm concerned). And, (and I'm not just saying this), he is incredibly talented, and an absolute natural. He will go far wherever he chooses to go to school. The name doesn't get you a job, your work does. So, yay! He's going to be around for the next 3 years, rather than off in Rhode Island. :)

+ In other news, my town has added a new obsession of mine to one of our plazas.... PeachWave, a semi well-known frozen yogurt joint. And holy crap, people... this place is the bees knees. TCBY? Yeah right. The country's best yogurt is at PeachWave. It's a cute little orange & green themed self-serve yogurt shop where you dispense the flavors of yogurt you want (my personal favorite is chocolate mixed with a little coconut- mmm!), and then load it up with toppings! It is actually a healthy little snack... when it doesn't look like mine.
Yes, those are sprinkles, gummy bears, and little bits of heath bar. Mmmmmmmm!
+ I got my hair redone about a week or two ago. Yup, I think the brunette is here to stay! I'm really liking it! The only downside is, I was stupid to do it in the summer where I spent a lot of time outside. Aka, Fade Central for colored hair! Did I mention I went to the beach the day after I got it colored the second time? Smartypants. And I knew what I was doing too. Even smarter.

+ Anthony's family has a friend visiting, and that friend might want to take a little trip down to a place I like to call home. Aka, Mohegan Sun. Tonight. Woooooot! Hoping they choose Mohegan instead of Foxwoods. To each his own, but Foxwoods isn't really my thing. It's kind of boring and I think is geared more towards hanging out or shopping, or seeing a show... not gambling. The actual casinos are boring rooms. I remember when Anthony and I went for the first (and last :p) time, I made a comment about how it looked like my high school cafeteria with slot machines. While Mohegan Sun is a little bit newer and so pretty! There is fantastic detail in literally every wall. Even the carpets are cool. Mohegan is the place to go. Fingers crossed that that's the casino they are hitting up tonight... Might piggyback that trip. ;)

+ I have two giveaways in mind coming up, so stay tuned!