Friday, July 6, 2012

some friday randomness

Remember in my last post when I said an early happy 4th of July to everyone in case I didn't make it back here for the actual day? Well, I was kidding. I didn't actually think I'd be unable to drag my lazy bum back here at least once in a week's time. Sheesh.

Anywho, with that said, I hope everyone did have a fun, safe, fantastic 4th of July... week? Weekend? Everyone seems to be taking this weekend as their long one, so I hope you are still having fun, staying home, cooking out, and not coming to my restaurant where you will inevitably keep me there until past 9 when I'm working a double. ;)

Teehee.. just joshin' ya.

- In other news, remember that exam I mentioned? I got a 94. Phew. This math class has been going a lot smoother than I thought (this girl does not have a head for numbers), and I am so relieved for that. I have 2 weeks (so about 4 classes) left, and I can't wait to be done with it. Though I am glad that my first class back to school after a year off was a nice easy one. I like easing myself into things, lol.

- Remember my cousin R? The one who was friends with Anthony before he and I started dating? Well, his jealousy has reared its ugly head, and it exploded on the 4th of July. Or, well, maybe I exploded. Lol. More on that later. The bigger problem is this... Anthony's awesome family was sweet enough to invite me on their vacation to Florida in a couple weeks, and my biggest worry isn't even the plane anymore (more on this later also), but telling R. Even though he has never been a huge part of Anthony's family vacations, I am willing to bet he will still be at least a little irked that I'm going. Details later.

- Welp, I'm off to work. I'm hoping to bang out a few posts tomorrow on my day off. Including both the things mentioned in the above paragraph that I plan to elaborate on. Oh, and more work drama. Lucky you!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend- stay cool! It has been so hot and humid lately. Sheeeesh. I wish the CB had better AC. Puke. Hehe.