Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What Would You Have Done?

I had one of those moments today in WalMart where I bit my tongue, but was left wondering if I should have spoken up.

As a waitress I more or less work in customer service, and so chances are I wouldn't have spoken up either way, since I know how I would feel if someone else got involved while I was dealing with a customer. But then again, I would never speak like this to a customer.

Before I start, I will say it wasn't that bad. I was more bothered because the guy was so nice, and the cashier was still rude. It probably wouldn't have seemed as bad if the customer didn't look so innocent.

Anyway, I was standing in line behind the guy being checked out. He was buying some type of big heavy-duty battery or something. I'm not sure what it was.

As he was paying, he politely said, "Oh, and I have this exchange". In the front of his cart was another battery looking similar to the one he just purchased.

The cashier, a snippy-looking, middle aged blonde chick, just kind of looked at him and went, "Uh uh. You have to go to customer service over there."

The guy asked "Oh, I can't just exchange it right here?"

She repeated, "No.. you have to go over to customer service, I'm not doing that."

And instead of just leaving it at that (not that that was all that polite even), she had to keep going as he swiped his card questioning him like what he suggested was an outrage, "What do you think I'm going to do with it?"

He pointed to the section where they leave returned items and said, "I just thought you would put it over there like the others do.."

And she goes "No, I'm not doing that."

Then as I was putting my stuff on the belt, I smiled at the guy because I felt bad. If someone were saying that to me, I would get super embarrassed. So he rotated his cart around saying, "excuse me. Sorry, I have to turn around. Have to go to customer service." with that "eyeroll" tone. Which was fine with me, it may not sound like it, but she was being unnecessarily bitchy about the whole thing. I said "sorry" (apologizing both for being in the way of his cart and out of guilt for not saying anything) and he went on his way.

Now, after he had gone to the end of the Customer Service line, the cashier was muttering to me about it. She was laughing all, "he thinks I'm going to lug that heavy battery over there? Ha. Not me." For the first time ever, I totally ignored her and just looked away, and then didn't say "you too" when she told me to have a nice day, like I normally would. (Wow Sam, you really gave it back to her! In my defense, I am usually annoyingly social at check out counters.. so that's a lot for me! Lol.)

Give me a break lady. I'm sorry he came to the wrong line thinking he could make an even exchange, but you didn't have to be such an XL bag of douche about it.  Nor was it at all appropriate to continue trashing the poor man to other customers. He was trying to exchange an item. It's not like he asked you to lug it to his car for him. Sheesh. Get the bug out of your ass then get a job in customer service. I realize that it's "just Walmart", but you're being paid to help customers. Stop acting like you are volunteering your time here and are above certain tasks.

I have a soft spot for people who look as nice as he did. And he was so polite about it. Like I said before, if I were the person she was saying that stuff to, I would have been really embarrassed. We weren't the only people in line, and it's not like she was whispering it either.

I made a note in my phone of her name, register number, and the time to send in a nice little comment to Walmart, but unfortunately on the website the customer comment process is a big ordeal where you have to give your address, phone number, e-mail, etc. And it doesn't even allow you to log the store number. So I'm probably not going to bother. Argh. I wonder if I could just call the store. I should have asked to speak to a manager or something on the spot and made her nervous. :p

What would you have done? Would you have spoken up during the "altercation"? Or just minded your P's and Q's? Due to the way people are so touchy nowadays, I tend to stay out of things and regret it later, because I guess I'd rather regret silence than wish I hadn't spoken, you know? But I will say, I felt really bad letting it go without a word.

Was it wrong of me not to speak up?

Whoa, easy now! Don't want to give people the wrong idea here! You can't get help from just any employee!