Wednesday, July 11, 2012

thanks biotch!, some stuff about me, and an award for YOU.

One of my favorite bloggin' buddies Kristine over at Living Barefoot and Crazy was kind enough to slap this little ole blog with an award!

Thanks bud! I'm still dreaming of the day when we finally get together and journey to mecca Ben & Jerry's. :)

. : Rules : .
one. include the award's logo in a post or on your blog.
two. share the love and link the person who awarded you.
three. tell us seven facts about yourself.
four. nominate seven other bloggers
five. link your nominees in your post and leave them a comment letting them know they've won!

. : 7 Facts About Moi : .
one. I love FroYo. Ever since PeachWave took up residence in my town, I've made a habit of going there a couple times a week. Man that stuff is delicious. Color me obsessed. If PeachWave started a fake religion like Scientology did, you can bet I would join up. (Ha, just kidding. :p) Good thing it's mildly healthy. If you subtract my artery clogging toppings. :)
two. When I park my car out in public, I don't care how far I have to go from the building, how long I have to drive around, I will find a pull-through space. I love them. They make my life 57489 times easier when I get back in my car. :p
 three. I have myself convinced that I'm scared of flying. I'm going to Florida in a little over a week and I have to get on a plane. I wasn't scared when I was little, and I don't mind take off or landing. Nor am I afraid the plane will crash. And yet when people ask, I claim I'm scared of flying, and I even get anxious at the thought of being on a plane. Who knows why. Claustrophobia? But I think it's just something I "decided" since I haven't been on a plane in forever. Something tells me I'll be totally fine next week, lol. Fingers crossed. :p
four. my favorite color is red, but I wear very little red. (As I type this wearing red shorts..?) It's my favorite color overall, but I have different favorite for different things.. For example, clothes? I love white tops. They look so clean, crisp, and fresh. White top and jeans? Cutest outfit out there! :p
five. I have a hard time coming up with facts about myself. :p
six. my friend Jill and I talk to each other in accents at work. Very rarely do we ever talk normal. And it rubs off. One Friday we had 6 waitstaff members on, and 5in the kitchen. By the end of the night 7 of the 9 or so were accenting it up with us. Hehe.
seven. I hate politics. I hate listening to people talk about it, and I hate talking about it myself. But you would never know it based on how fired up I get when it is brought up.

Woohoo! I did it!

. : I award : .
my on & offline fave! if only we could blog our text conversations. Ha! :p
two. Stephanie @ Everyday Stephanie
 her kids are the c u t e s t!
three. Holly @ The Adventures of Holly
 love her posting and she leaves the sweetest comments!
four. Meghan @ The Perfect Compilation Tape
her posts are always so well-written
five. Allyson @ Allyson, Dave's Wife
love her opinions on things
six. Kari @ La Bella Vita
how cute is her blog?
seven. Lex @ The Lexical Gap
hilarious posting!

thanks for the award Kristine! And an extra special thank you for the comment e-mail conversations that carry on way longer than they should (sorry!). It's like a "second vent". My first, more censored vent on the blog, and then my "choice words" always come out in the e-mailing after. Hehe. :p

Everyone, go check out her blog!