Friday, August 17, 2012

a little day trip to mystic...

Hey guys!

As I said the other day, before I was able to post, Anthony and I opted for a day trip down to Mystic for the day.

Or.. well, we were going to go to Waterford to the beach, but the weather had other plans. We kind of knew this on the way down, but the beach mentality is usually this:

It's better to risk it and have it rain vs. opting out and the day turning out to be a nice, gorgeous waste.

Know what I mean?

So risk it we did. And rain it did. For a little while.

So instead we took off to Mystic, a cute little coastal town in southern Connecticut.

I've been there a couple times before, when I was like, 13 and 17. I definitely didn't appreciate then like I do now, that's for sure.

But first we made the obligatory stop at Seaside Sanitarium...

I love abandoned places. If you read my blog, you probably already know that. I just love the history that abandoned buildings have. Photographically, the older building (the first three pictures) isn't that photogenic. In fact, I would go so far as to say it is 90% ugly. With the exception of the front part (bottom-left). I do however love the vines all over the newer building, which is in the bottom-right picture. It's boring structurally, but the growth around it, I really love. I was stupid and lazy and didn't lug my camera. Hence the cheap Instagram replacements.

Lunch at this cute little place called Cafe NV. Until we actually got there, I totally thought it was "Cafe Envy", but I guess not, hehe. We both got a buffalo chicken sandwich with a side of pasta salad. So. Good.

Adorable little "Olde Mistick". More instagrammed pictures because I, once again not learning from my previous mistake, opted out of lugging my giant camera the whole time. Oops.

Anyway, they had an adorable little coffee shop, a duck pond filled with ducks, a little Munson's store... it was super cute. I had never been to this part. It just have a very "simple life" feel to it that I really liked.

Yup. I learned my lesson. Camera was attached to my hip for the rest of our time in Mystic. This is the Whaler's Inn that I only took a picture of because we were 99% sure Kourtney and Kim Kardashian stayed here in that one episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York... #whataloser

A restaurant called "Anthony's", lol. But the real reason for the picture was the BMW whosy whatsy that Anthony was drooling over, haha. He is a big fan of BMW. Teehee.

Random family that I thought looked cool at the end of that little railing thing. Now that I see the picture up close and personal... yeah I don't know. Haha.

Another random on the railing. The railing that I was, evidently, obsessed with...?

Dude on a bench reading a book. Loved this little square. Every time I go somewhere, I want to move there. This destination is definitely a bit more realistic than Florida, no?

Ah, self-timer fun. Because traveling in a two-some means it's kind of hard to get pictures of both people together. That and I feel super duper awkward asking random people to take a picture, lol.

But hey, aside from the stomach that, I promise looks larger in the photo than it actually is, these aren't terrible pictures. And yes, we are off-center, but I swear I cropped it that way lol. I promise I checked the viewfinder before taking the picture haha.

After Mystic it was off to the casino! We were there for a bit and then home by 11:30. It was a fantastic day. I love spontaneous trips. Much less stressful than the planned ones.. if that makes sense.

Happy Friday!