Monday, August 20, 2012

weekend recap

Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

I hope all of your weekends were phenomenal.

Mine was just short of perfect, and only because I had to spend a couple hours at work on Sunday, hehe.

This weekend I...

- took too many pictures at my cousin's daughter's first birthday party on Saturday.
It was a beautiful day, perfect temperature, perfect weather, and a great time with my mom's wonderful side of the family. The only downside was that Anthony couldn't make it due to a freaky, out of the blue sore neck. He had been in terrible pain the day before, and was at the doctor a little before we left. I was going to stay home and hang with him, but he insisted I go the party, and I'm kind of glad I did. I missed him, but I think I would have felt guilty blowing off my family. Decisions decisions... Anyway, I took about 337 pictures throughout the whole day because the kids were just priceless. I'm working on them now, but here is a little preview of the birthday cutie.
more to come!
- went to a BBQ at Anthony's brother's house on Sunday.
This is something we started earlier in the summer, and definitely something we plan to continue. The whole event literally centers around this huge vat of punch. Delicious punch. The first time it was orange/citrusy flavored, and this time was berry/juicy flavored. Chris (his brother) googles a punch recipe each time, and the BBQ part is fun.. but really, we are in it for the punch haha. We plan to have one more summer one, and then in Fall have a Punch-kin carving BBQ, hehe... Punch, pumpkins, and food... yummmm!
Note that the recipe called for a cup of vodka. 3 bottles of juice, yet a cup of vodka. HA. Luckily, Chris decided to eyeball it instead. ;) Don't worry, he left a shot or two in the bottle. :p
Each BBQ I pose under Chris's deck with a "faggot" (aka, bundle of sticks, literal definition, look it up, not being offensive, I swear! lol) just because it's fun to say. This one was kind of ruined though. You can't really tell it is a bundle of sticks this time because there was a huge spider under there that I was trying to stay away from. I think my smile hid my paralyzing fear well. :p
There was a super impromptu casino trip. Like, we had to leave within 5 minutes of deciding to go so that we could be back by 12:30 because Chris had work the next morning. It was awesome. Although there was no time for an ATM stop so, some business had to be conducted in his kitchen.
Casino was great. I have never made $10 last so long. I started with a $10 in my favorite slot machine, and kept getting the bonus round. At one point I was up to $75 (woohoo!), and kept playing. I ended up leaving with $40. But hey, $30 profit is better than nothing, right? (Won't lie though, once all the fun was over, I wish I had stopped at $75 lol.)

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. I can't wait for more just like it. Fall is my absolute favorite season, and I can't wait for the cooler temperatures to become more permanent! Note the sweater I was wearing in the above photo... around this time I start to try to trick mother nature into believing it's time for sweater weather... :p

How were your weekends?

Happy Monday!