Wednesday, August 15, 2012

we interrupt this program...

Here's the deal.

I was totally about to post something. Followed by the next 60+ minutes devoted to responding to comments, reading blogs, and commenting on your posts.

However I just got a text from Anthony asking if I wanted to go to the beach.

The word beach is like, a fail safe button. All systems shut down, and all I see is me, laying on a towel, soaking up rays. Like I should be doing every day for the rest of my life but can't because life requires work. Ew. :p

Total spur of the moment.
It's supposed to thunder for part of the afternoon.
Weather is a risk.
So is the potential for boredom.
& wasted gas.

But........... I think I'm going to do it. ;)

So, fear not, I will be back tonight to respond and comment-- don't hate me, I'm not ignoring you gals, promise!

Seems appropriate for the beach, no? ;)