Sunday, August 5, 2012

Calling all readers!


Happy Sunday all!

I'm off to my aunt's house for her 50th birthday, and a pool party to celebrate! (Sounds more like a gift to me, hehe..)

In lieu of a real post, because it's Sunday, and in my experience people aren't spending their day pouring over their reading lists looking for posts of substance, I thought I'd just open the floor to you all and get your opinion on a little something. (Run-on sentence!)

Alrighty... I've recently switched my comment form over to the one that has the reply option. Now here's the question...

Would you prefer I respond to you via reply at the blog, or via e-mail, as I have been doing all along?

I do love the new integration of threaded comments, don't get me wrong. But I tested it out with my friend, and she told me she wasn't notified of a reply at the blog, via e-mail or otherwise.

Frankly, I think this sort of defeats the purpose of the reply option. Say you comment on 15 blogs. 10 of them reply at their blog, and the other 5 reply via e-mail. How do you remember to come all the way back to all 10 of those blogs to see the responses? Shouldn't blogger have also implemented a notification system to go along with the new reply option? (Hint: The answer is yes.)

But apparently they didn't.

Would you prefer that I reply to your lovely comments:
a. right here at my blog, meaning you'd have to truck all the way back here to read them (if interested, of course); or
b. via e-mail, as I have been doing right along, thus ruling out the need for you to remember what blogs you commented on, and check for a response.

With that said, I invite you all to either leave a comment here with your thoughts, or look to the right at my sidebar where I have added a poll (or both!)

(Yes I set December 21 as the closing date for the poll. That way I'll be all set if the world ends! Hehe, just kidding. :p)

I love your comments, and I like to at least acknowledge the people who take the time to leave them, know what I'm sayin'?

Thanks for the input! If it's a 50/50 split, I'll be happy to try and reply to everyone with their preferred method!

Silly blogger. Thanks for the option to thread comments, but a notification of replies would be helpful too!