Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Hey everyone!

Okay, fingers crossed, I may have finally settled on a blog layout that I can live with. Everything lines up, the colors are towards the cuter side of neutral (meaning I can throw in random seasonal modifications without having to go crazy with redoing the whole layout), and having only one side bar on the right (instead of the two) makes it look a lot less cluttered (or it will once I fix and re-align everything). Phew!


Today I was itching to take some pictures. It's been forever since I've gone out to take pictures just because I wanted to.

So I recruited Anthony, my partner in boredom, and off we went in search of waterfalls. Because, for some reason, that's what I wanted to take pictures of. Probably because they are gorgeous enough on their own, that no matter how sub-par my pictures turn out, they'll look good.

One of them was surrounded  by "no trespassing" signs where you normally enter the area. That was a major disappointment. I haven't been to that area since I was in high school, and I was hoping to get back there sometime now that I've had a "real" camera (for um, 2.5 years now, so I'm not sure what took me so long...), so... thumbs down to that.

Well, now that that is off the list... next! This place called Enders, a waterfall kinda-sorta near my town? Just close enough that it's not a waste of gas to fart around with my camera... know what I mean?

Anywho, check out Enders...

The biggest one at the very top of it. And right next to the top of the fall. If you walked about 8 steps forward from where I was, you'd fall about 20 feet. (Just so no one thinks this dinky thing is "the" waterfall.. haha.)

Anthony hanging out at the top. Normally that little stretch of rock is underwater, but we've been experiencing a drought here in hot-as-balls Connecticut, so luckily, it's dry there and you can walk right across-- woohoo!

More Anthony :)

A second waterfall behind the big one. Definitely the prettiest one there. It was practically glowing.

Anthony standing in front of it. Looking super tall(er).

My favorite picture of the day. I just love the way the water came out. It looks so smooth. I just want to drink it. And wanted to while I was there... until I saw what it was flowing into... ew.

If you ever come to the northern end of CT, definitely check out Enders! It's gorgeous. Just be careful... Life Star has had to pay it a visit a time or two! =/