Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stream of consciousness...

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Hey everyone! First up, thanks for all the responses to my "comment reply" question. E-mail it is! Hopefully Blogger thinks again and adds a notification method for the threaded comments... Oh blogger. Yous so silly.

Today's post is pretty random. I don't have anything planned today because Anthony is off building a model for some designer in the southern part of the state. How dare he. (Teehee, just joshin' ya.) 


 Loser Instagram self-shot of the day. Not looking special. Just documenting the dark hair. :p The grin was because I was out of work. :p

I guess I could organize my room a bit (it's almost done, yay!); or 
do some dishes; or 
straighten my hair; or 
paint my nails; or
go take some pictures... it's been too long since I've taken pictures just because...
or, I could walk my dog.

You know... after this Kardashian episode is over. Hehe.


In other news, I cannot settle on a layout design. Help!

If I have the header I am satisfied with (which I currently am), I can't make my sidebar work.
If I have my sidebar on the right, I want it on the left.
If I have my sidebar on the left, I want it on the right.
If I have one sidebar, I want two.

I just can't be pleased here at the blog, it seems.


I want Autumn. Every year I go to the beach in some form or another. Usually to my mom's hometown in Southern Connecticut (ooh la la), this year it was Flo-Rida with Anthony's family (as I'm sure all know by now since I still have yet to stfu about it since before I even left). Anywho, after I get back, it's usually becoming August, or the middle of August. Whenever it may be in August... I'm just over summer.

I love the season, it's fantastic to be able to just go outside without having to bundle up like I'm bunking with the eskimos in Antarctica. However, as I said... once my vacay is over, I'm ready for summer to be as well.

Fall is my all time favorite season. It's cool, it's crisp, it's gorgeous, and once October rolls around, my Holiday-obsessive personality springs into action. Halloween--New Years = my favorite time of year. I love Halloween because right after, the Christmas stuff pops up in stores. Thanksgiving is great because it's two of my favorite things... food & fam. Love it. And Christmas.. need I say anything? 

I'm getting antsy for my favorite season!


As for the teenaged portion of my post... I think the Pretty Little Liars summer finale is tonight... anyone but me excited? Probably not. I'm 16 14 at heart. ;) 

Do you watch? Who is your favorite? ... obviously I'm a Spencer fan. :p


I am currently working on like 3782 scheduled posts for upcoming link-ups. Hope some of you will be linking up too!


How is your Tuesday?