Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear Pretty Little Liars,
I was totally under the impression that this week was the summer finale. Apparently it's not. And not next week either. But the following week! It feels like 2 bonus weeks of PLL. Can you say won the lottery?? :p

Dear Holly from Dance Moms,
While Christi is my favorite in the hilariously entertaining department, you are the one I most admire. You are seriously of the most level-headed, cool as a cucumber people I've ever witnessed. Especially in response to crazy loud Abby Lee. I've never been more envious of one's capabilities in the conflict resolution department. Not to mention your vocab makes me jealous. Yeah, I can kind of see the Michelle Obama resemblance... except you're prettier. And I'm sure if B.O. had you for a wife instead, he wouldn't be 6 kinds of awful as a president.

Dear work,
I hate you and the fact that you are claiming my entire Friday. That is all.

Dear Heidi from Save the Ta-Tas,
You were so helpful and were always willing to answer my 4589 stupid questions. Not to mention the fact that you were super patient with me while it took me forever and a day to come up with an article for you. Turns out, it's super difficult to write for something that isn't your own blog... Thanks for putting up!

Dear Blog Friends,
Hey... hope you're having a fabulous Friday! Be sure to head over to Adventures of Newlyweds to link up! Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!