Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday round-up

Happy Sunday, everyone! It's crazy how weekends move at lightening speed, isn't it?

How was your week? Weekend? Anything fun? Did you experience Friday's tornado warning?

This past week I...

1. Went shopping at Kohl's for the first time in months.
And in true Sam-fashion, I was dead set on a top, all ready to head over to checkout to collect my Kohl's cash ;), and then my gaze fell upon another. Sigh.

So it was a toss-up between the left and the right. The left was the first one I saw and wanted. I liked it a tad better because of the ruffly look. But I also liked the simplicity of the one on the right. I was stuck. And didn't want to buy both, because we were talking about adding $38 to the bill instead of $19. And, knowing my cheapness... I had to choose just one. I petitioned my best friend Sierra, and Anthony's sister Olivia. And of course, they both picked different ones. :p I let Anthony be the tie breaker, and ended up going with the one on the left. I think they are both super cute, and I might go back with my Kohl's cash and scoop up that second one. ;) I think either look super cute with this light white sweater I also bought... so excited for Fall!

2. Watched some Keeping up with the Kardashians with Maddie.
I think she's a fan! Look at her- she was glued to that TV during the water-birth Kourtney and Khloe went to witness.

I finally got my room cleaned up to the point where Maddie can safely come up and mess it up again. ;) By safe I mean, there is nothing left on the floor for her to undoubtedly eat and die. It's always a nice feeling knowing your room is not a health hazard. ;)

3. We had a little shindig at Anthony's house.
I got the night off on Thursday, woot!

 Punch? Ah-mazing. Bud Light Lime? Do I even need to address this one? Anyway, Anthony's parents went to New Jersey for the night and we decided to fill their kitchen with yummy food and alcoholic beverages. Oh, and Jenga-- duh. My cousin ended up coming too. He was alright for the most part, which was a nice change.

4. Went clubbing on Friday night.
No pictures, because we didn't actually go to any clubs. It was quite a fail. But an entertaining one ;). Anthony and I hooked up with his brother and his friend to check out this club his brother had gone to the previous week. It was a club in Northampton, Mass, but when we got there, it turned out to be a "guys only" night. Darn those lady parts. Without them, I would have both been able to not ruin plans and not have been a moody bitch all weekend due to a certain periodic visitor. Anyway, after that fail, we drove into Springfield, MA and gambled with our lives for a few minutes-- yup, I got to walk through my first ghetto! We had a guy ask for a favor (being sure to mention that he wasn't talking to me-- phew! Wasn't in the mood that night anyway.), and for, wait for it-- $1.80. Crap. I only had a $5 on me. Anyway, we couldn't find the club ("Oz"?) we were looking for (I think we were at the wrong end of the rainbow..), and decided to blow that joint because we decided living was more important than finding this club. We ended up heading back to the original club "Divas", to drop Anthony's brother and friend off for the guy's night thing, and Anthony and I were going to go to Denny's while we waited, because neither of us really cared either way about the clubbing part. It was just something to do. So we drop them off, get back on the highway, drive about 10 miles between the two exits (yes, ten miles), and get a call to come back. Because not only was it a males only night, but it was 21+ where it's normally 18+, and Anthony's brother's friend was 20. Sheesh. Talk about a fail. But hey, at least it wasn't solely my fault that Divas was scratched off the list. :p And I won't lie... "fails" lately tend to turn out fun anyway. So, no loss! :)

5. Had an annoying tiff with my cousin. Again.
I'm telling you folks... it just can't work. Back story- my cousin had to bring his brother to Boston for a concert, drop him off, wait there until the concert was over, and then drive him home. He was going to go with his mom, and then invited Anthony.

I'm not so much irritated that I wasn't invited so that I could hang out with him (that ship is sailing away, I think), but moreso that he snatched my boyfriend on my day off, and that I bend over backwards to either include him, or ensure he never finds out if we don't include him. And yet he has no problem blatantly excluding people, and yet acting all offended if he isn't invited to every single thing (e.g. Florida... which he tried for as well, and wasn't even my fault!) that I am. So it was more the principle, and the fact that Anthony and I hadn't hung out alone for a while, and I kind of missed him. Oh, and I'm on my period. So I may or may not have sent him a text saying I was used to getting the shaft from that side of the family. Oops. But don't worry. Our tiffs never last. Once I get to say my bit, I'm over it. He made up some BS excuse about how he was going to let me know, but I texted him saying I was babysitting as he was going to text me. Ha, what an unfortunate coincidence. ;)

On the plus, as I said, I was watching my cousin's neighbor's kid until my other cousin got home from work, and I got an awesome $20 Starbucks gift card out of it! Thank you Dina! Any payment would have been too much, but it's greatly appreciated! Free coffee? Be still my heart. :)

6. Working today.
Yuck! But hopefully it will be a super short day. Sunday afternoons are usually really slow, and I'm typically allowed to leave when the second person gets there. Woohoo!

How was your week?

Hopefully I'll have something more to post tomorrow! My posts have been lacking substance lately. Cross your fingers!

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