Thursday, August 30, 2012

how I roll... backwards, apparently

My grandma told me once, "I'm out of my mind- I do thing backwards."

It was a "smile & nod" kind of response. Followed by a "stop it, no you're not" as I inhaled whatever food she inevitably made me that day.

I didn't really put much thought into her words and claim until I realized... I totally do things backwards too.

And now I'm like, "... thanks for the generous donation to my characteristics, G-ma."

Don't believe me?

Just you wait.

1. When I clean my room
I start with the floor. I pick everything up, vacuum, and then move onto the surfaces. Including wiping things off, dusting, etc. In the process, sometimes things fall, spill, dust uproots and lands on the carpet, etc. Oh but wait... crap. I already vacuumed...

Thanks Mr. Bear for holding up my Vicky's Secret bag...
It might not be organized, but hey-- I vacuumed!
(Don't mind the rocking chair and old bear... both were super early childhood gifts. The bear would probably sit on my bed if it was ever made. :p)

2. When I go down to make breakfast
I put my bagel in first, and then my Keurig. Ideally, one with a normal-functioning brain or higher, would first do the Keurig, then do the bagel, because, a. not only does the Keurig take longer, but b. if it does finish quickly, this method gives it a few seconds to cool off a bit while I do bagel prep. Possibly sparing my tongue the day of agony after the sh*t is burnt out of it every other morning by the one and only Mr. Keurig. But no... not me. ;)

In order of how they should appear... coffee.. then bagel

3. When I wash my car
I start with the sides, then the front and back, the windshield, and then... "oh yeah, I forgot the roof." Or, "perfect, let me rinse my dirty rooftop all over my now-clean car.

I know it looks like a 2010 Lexus 450h, but really it's just a 2004 Pontiac Vibe.

In the cleaning department, you'd think the little phrase, "from top to bottom" would possibly switch on the littlest of light bulbs in my head... Nah.

Though don't worry, I'm working on it!

I've diagnosed it as more "careless error" than "lack of common sense." I have some sense! I promise!

I have already taken steps to remedy my issues... For example..

1. Room cleaning difficulties..
I now either
a. just don't clean at all :)  <--- preferred option
b. focus on the task, and not the Kardashians playing in the background.
b1. while focusing, focus on the surfaces in one area at a time vs. the whole A.D.D. thing where I go all over the room trying to get it done ASAP. ;)

2. Keurig stupidity..
When I get out of the shower, I only brew the coffee. And let it sit a nice long time while I take 15 years to get dressed because I'm busy reading blogs.

3. Car maintenance..
Simple- have Anthony do it. If we are going with the top-to-bottom clean, I translate that as "high to low". Anthony is taller. Boom. :p Hehe, just kidding. But he does seem to enjoy it, and it's fun to watch him do it in the proper order. :p

:) :) :)

Please tell me there are other backwards-moving folks out there... I can't be alone!

Hope you enjoyed this random nonsense post. Clearly, I'm fresh out of ideas. Is there anything you would like me to post about? I'm open to anything. :)