Thursday, August 30, 2012

Prom Commentary.. a "Promentary"

Hi. I realize I have already posted once today.

Once you're done pinching yourselves, you might want to go buy a lottery ticket. Is there a blue moon out there too?

Anyway, I'm bored out of my mind because Anthony is on some stupid Boston trip* for school. We were supposed to hang out when he got back in an hour or so, but the return trip has been pushed back a bit. Which leaves me with a wide open noche** that I am kicking off with the picking apart of the new Jonas Brothers show, Married to Jonas. Yes, it has taken me four days to finally get around to watching it. Too much time dedicated to Beverly Hills Nannies, Dance Moms, and the Kardashians. Reality TV. It's what's for dinner.

* the trip isn't actually stupid. I, however, am selfish.
** boredom tidbit? When I wrote the word noche, I was ignorantly under the impression that the e was supposed to be an é, and thus stopped typing to download the Spanish dictionary onto Mozilla so that it would offer a spell check with the proper é that apparently wasn't proper.

Let's begin shall we?

Oh wait, let's not. Because I haven't even started the episode and I can already feel the sting of laughter-induced tears at the mere description a la OnDemand.

Try and locate the line that had me giggling... "Danielle's family worries that their youngest daughter may go too far on prom night, but son-in-law Kevin helps Bucky come to terms with his daughter growing up. Are Dani's parents being too protective?"

Sorry, I picked it out for you.

I'm sorry, but something about the fact that all three of the JoBros sported or plan to sport promise rings until the day they say "I Do"... what about that tidbit qualifies Kevin to convince "Bucky" to loosen the reigns on the youngest Jonas in-law?

Before the first commercial break we have learned:
Kevin wants to join the mile high club.
It's cute and not awkward at all that Purity Jonas makes all these little sexual jokes. I'm going to be a hundo percent honest here... I'm still not convinced the guy is straight. So I'm still a little "yeah right, Kevin" when he says those things.
Kevin toured with Avril Lavigne instead of going to his prom.
Eh, I probably would too. She was probably still cool then.
The commercial was for ZzzQuil.
This just made me chuckle. I was just over at one of my hilarious blog bud's blog, Graceless Lady, earlier today and while describing her sleeping quirks, she mentioned the ZzzQuil commercials and how they appear constantly during OnDemand shows. So unfortunately true. It's almost as frequent as Shallow Hal's appearance on E! I invite you to guess how many times that movie is on E!*

* Daily! D A I L Y some weeks! I will turn on the TV, and there is Jack Black. Again. I swear, if DVD sales have plummeted, it has nothing to do with the fact that the movie isn't that good. Nor that people no longer buy DVDs because everyone loves BluRay. But more due to the idea that, on any given day, if there is someone out there who is craving some Shallow Hal, they can just flip to channel 55.


- I think Kevin drives a Porsche Cayenne.
Not an expert, but it definitely resembles one from the side. But what got me more was that bitchy envy feeling I get when I see one on the road and smother it in the stink eye of "I want one."
- It's really cool that they had all her friends over to their lavish mansion
If I were invited to a Jonas home for a pre-prom party? Holy crap on bread, I'd be so there (looking for Joe, but still, I'd be there). Keep in mind that my prom was smack-dab in the middle of my bout of insanity. Aka, I attended a Jonas Brothers concert that summer.
- The sister's dress was super pretty,
and I wish I had the boobs for it, and yada yada yada... I was more into her mom's iPhone case... it was really cute and colorful and I kind of want one. Because the 9 I have already aren't enough.
- Aww,
when Kevin said "of course, Katie" when she thanked him, I felt a little bid bad for making fun of him. He seems genuinely nice and shit.
- And, I won't lie,
Cue slasher flick music. :-O
I think it's super sweet that Dani gave him a prom. She's adorbs. Especially with that whole balloon fear thing. Which is odd, but hey, who am I to judge? Squirrels scare me. Along with spiders, clowns, my friend's mom, and the idea of Snooki being a parent.

As far as the preview for next week's goes? Yeesh. I live a thousand miles away and Mama Jonas still scares the shit out of me. Good thing Dani wears a cross. That woman looks scare-ray!

In answer to my Twitter dilemma... I'm still on team Wife. You?

Are any of you still with me? I won't blame you if you're not. I actually hate posts that are all about TV. But, hey, when you're bored out of your mind, you're bored out of your mind. :p