Friday, August 31, 2012

so long, sweet summer.

Dearest Autumn...

Oh how I long for the lazy days of summer where the biggest challenges of my day were:

a. when to take my free drink coupon to Starbucks and get my standard, sweetened iced coffee.
b. when to endure the task of taking my insane dog outside to "go to the bathroom." Aka, drive me apeshit while she runs in circles and treats the leash --and thus, my arm(s)-- like a tug-of-war rope.
c. whether or not to take the Bentley or the Range Rov-- oh wait. That's Kim Kardashian's battle, not my own. Phew!

Of course, these challenges will continue to exist.

But with the changing of the seasons, new obstacles begin to blow in with the cooler weather & the falling leaves. Such as:

a. sweater or vest today? Which will go better with my black knee-high boots?
b. what the hell am I going to wear on Halloween? I haven't dressed up in a couple of years, and I may be a little bit rusty in the "costume" department. (Because I was such a professional in the past.)
c. When I take my free drink coupon to Starbucks, do I get a Pumpkin Spice Latte or my standard fall drink: Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate?
d. family parties will be in fuller swing- do I bring my dad or do I skip that step? As he is somewhat "fragile" in the drinking department, and, on that side of the family-- a gathering without alcohol? well that extends a bit beyond their scope of enjoyment.
e. What the heck am I going to buy everyone for Christmas? And how close to Christmas can I keep this questioning burning in my head? (Can I beat last year's record of December 23rd?)
f. The weather is perfect! Do I exercise today? Or do I push it until the following Monday, as has been tradition since the day I started middle school and became body conscious?

I love you fall, you see. But, with the dropping temperatures and cozier Starbucks drinks, you also bring a newer, more specific set of hurdles that my short little body has to find its way over. :p


Happy Fall, y'all. Have a great Labor Day weekend!