Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ten secrets!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Phew, finally a day off from work!

Today I'm linking up with Lauren & Tiffany for the Ten Day You Challenge taking place every Tuesday for the next ten weeks! Woohoo!

The first Tuesday's topic is ten secrets.

Here goes.. have a little peek into Sam-brain!

Now, some of these aren't really secrets, as I don't have that many that I can remember, and are just little facts that not all may know about me. Sound good? Good.

1| I wish my boyfriend and cousin were not friends.
This may sound a little bitchy & ungrateful given how we met through my cousin, but equally, knowing all the crap we have put up with since? Life would just be easier if I were the particular flavor of bitch that gives the it's him or me ultimatum.

2| I wish Taylor Swift had never discovered the flat iron.
She's a cute girl, don't get me wrong. But the straight hair? No no no!

3| I secretly can't stand one or two people I follow on Blogger.
So why do I follow them, you ask? I have no idea. One of them acts like life is perfect to the point where I start to worry something is wrong with mine for not being that way. Basically, if you aren't honest on the blog, I'm not a huge fan.... but apparently follow anyway? And don't worry, if you're reading my blog, you aren't one of them. I guarantee you the ones that I'm referring to don't come here.

4| When leaving the house, I almost always have to go back inside for something.
I don't know why I am so disorganized. I'll lock the door, get in my car, start the car, and then remember something I left inside. Scatter brained! ;)

5| When I make Velveeta boxed mac & cheese, I eat the cheese while waiting.
Gross, I know. But it's true. I snack on the cheesy goo stuff that you mix in while the water boils and the shells cook.

6| We put my dog down 9 months ago, and I still sleep with her collar behind my pillow.
Sounds strange, I know. And it's not that I sit there and cry about it every single night. More like, I slept with it the night we put her down, popped it behind my pillow the night after that, and it never seems like the "right" time to remove it... you know?

7| Photography > Medical Field
As much and as badly as I want to become a nurse and work in the ER, if I could find a way to make a living as a photographer, I would probably do it. Being a nurse is one of my dreams, but being a photographer would be fulfilling a passion. Dorky, I know.

8| For some reason, I get anxious when our land line rings.
My mom, brother, and I all use cell phones. We don't even answer our house phone because the call is never for any of us personally. I think that is why whenever the land line rings, I get a little "... who the heck could that be?" Like it is someone calling with bad news or something. Hey-- I'm weird.

9| I miss a lot of calls in the morning because my phone is on silent.
I sleep with my phone on silent, and only use it for the alarm. For some reason, I never remember to (or forget to care to) take my phone off silent. I can't tell you how many times my mom or Anthony or my boss or whomever have called and been ignored because my darn phone is still on silent at almost noon.

10| I love putting money in the bank.
It just feels awesome after busting ass at work to drive up to the ATM and put my tip money in. Especially lately as I've been having to pay for a lot of expenses... it feels good to watch the number go up instead of down. Know what I mean?