Thursday, September 20, 2012

a time for change...

... no, not the popular Obama line. Actual change. (Ha, see what I did there? And no, this is not a political post, don't run off.)

I have a new blog name!
You know, in case you missed the GIANT header at the top of the page.

For such a simple and "blah" name, it sure took a while for me to come up with it. I've been thinking on this since early August. Wait -- I know what you're thinking... over a month of thinking, and that's it? I know, it's nothing special, but it's much more unique to me than a random line in a song or quote that millions of people also identify with or find unique to them too.

Basically, I have a severe slight addiction to coffee, specifically the iced variety, and well, I am a huge advocate for blue jeans. Seriously. They go with everything. And when you have the fashion sense that I do (or don't), well, you learn fast to take all the help you can get. So I jeans it. Every day. Except football Sundays. Then I wear yoga pants because, I like to rebel against the typical work uniform as much as I can get away with. ;)

Plus, I think the new name is sort of cute. With "sort of" defined as being "on its way to cute without me being creative enough to come up with something that's actually cute."

Aside from wanting something that was more "me", there is also a little back story to the bad taste in my mouth that was left by "Once is Enough."

Of course, as my header image always indicated, my choice of "Once is Enough" was to reflect the quote, "You only live life once, but if you work it right, once is enough," or something to that effect.

However, when I was on the hunt for the domain (usually the harder part, because a lot of .com's are already spoken for), I found that was already taken. So I settled one, and went on my merry way.

Soon after, my curiosity got the better of me, and I went to, and found a site dedicated to something that had the complete opposite meaning than what I had intended for my blog.

It doesn't seem to exist anymore (just tried to link to it), but the site was a sexual assault website, where victims could be open about their attacks and feelings, completely anonymously. I think this is a great organization. And I'm glad that people who have so tragically fallen victim to such a vicious side of humanity can safely express their feelings without fear or judgment. I, of course, don't know personally, but I can imagine it can be very therapeutic for some, and perhaps an important part of the healing process.

After coming across that site, it was the only association I could make with the title. Or at least the most prominent in my mind. I brushed it off in the beginning, but after a while the negative side of the phrase just didn't seem fitting for my blog. I would hate to cheapen what all those people went through, by naming my blog something that could mean that, but didn't... if that makes any sense.

I don't know. How it got to be isn't important. What is important is I finally have a new blog name, woohoo! I hope you all like it. A re-design is in the works as well, since Fall is right around the corner, and I was getting sick of my old layout. (What else is new?)

Along with the new name, I might create a new Twitter, because my main Twitter has some real life friends on it, and so I have to be super careful never to say the B-word (blog, people, blog), because I'm not "out" as a blogger. I'm not sure I want everyone I know in real life reading my posts, so I work to keep this place under wraps, hehe.

I did however create a Facebook Page for it! So if you're interested, come on over and check it out! There isn't much to it right now since I literally created it like, 10 minutes ago, but, it's a work in progress, much like the ole blog!

Happy Thursday! And just bear with the disorganized mess my blog will be for the next couple of days!