Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Broski,
Happy 22nd birthday! Hope you have a great day! Not to sound mom-like (since you already have two, apparently) but, make good choices! And drive safely!

Dear Hair,
So much to say, I don't even know where to start. First, thank you. The one day I just for the heck of it try a new way of putting a wave in my hair with no intention of going anywhere, you cooperate, stay wavy, and look almost exactly how I want you to look every day when I actually have somewhere to go. I'm sure my bed, you know, the place I sat all day long on my computer thought I looked really great. Second? Thanks also for finally starting to grow, and look like you're growing now. One day before my trim. Argh! Why do you hate me when I treat you so well?

Dear Apple,
I'm about to update my iPhone to iOS6. Literally. Right now. As in, after I finish this post. Please "wow" me. I'm begging you. The iPhone 5 was super disappointing. I know I didn't hop on the Apple bandwagon until about 6 years after the rest of the world, but I'm here now and that's what matters, right? Make me want you. Making the same phone longer and a different material is not cause for all this hubbub! I'm sticking with my 4S, even if Siri is an annoying biotch who couldn't find something on Google if it blew up her ass.
Update: I think I was sufficiently "wowed". My wow ended up on Facebook. Thanks Anthony. :p

Dear Work,
I don't say this often, but I am not completely hating the idea of spending my day with you tomorrow. Just, in return, please let it be a short double. My back can't take it. Too much sitting around on my ass all day yesterday, I think. :p

Dear Don Sullivan,
Please don't be lying about your program's ability to train unruly canines. I would hate to find out that all we got was a $60 box of BS. There is an entire post on you to follow.

Dear Fall,
You're finally here! And the weather has been pretty phenomenal so far! Hopefully we can keep this positive thing going all the way until Christmas. No snow necessary, please and thank you!

Dear Politics,
Please drop off the face of the earth. Along with Justin Bieber.

Dear Readers,
Head here to link up your own Friday letters! & have a great weekend!