Saturday, September 22, 2012

New blogger of the month feature, open to all!

Hey all!

Hope you're enjoying your Saturday!

When I redesign my blog (let's face it.. like, every month), I am always looking for new features to add.

One of which is a little blogger of the month thing I would love to incorporate into my design. It would be a 200x200 picture (or button), and a little description, along with a link to your blog, twitter, etsy shop, what have you. All at the top-right of my blog, right where "daily reads" currently sits. I might even branch out and include a blogger of the week as well right underneath the blogger of the month.

We'll see how it goes and what kind of response this generates, if any. Anyway, all you have to do to be included in this is email, comment, tweet me, or leave a note at my new Facebook page, and I will enter you into the running! I think the way I will go about it is throw everyone's name into a hat and pick one out. That way, everyone will get a shot eventually, and it will be like a little surprise. Either that or, first come first serve, and I'll add everyone into the design as they come.

Is this something anyone would be interested in?

Free of charge, of course. Not into the whole "putting a price on blog traffic" thing. If you want to "sponsor" my blog, visit my new Sponsor page (once it's up.. oops!) for all the info on the free feature.

Anyway, happy Saturday, and let me know if you're interested!