Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear Readers,
My $10 Starbucks giveaway ends on Sunday... have you entered? I'm content with the entries thus far, but I mean, if you want them to walk off with a gift card that could be yours... Ha. Just kidding. I wish I could give everyone a gift card. Some day, when the lottery is won. :) Oh, and also, if you wish/please, pop on over to yesterday's post and give me your two cents on the possible linkup/challenge. Thanks bunches, happy Friday!

Dear Work,
Please please please(!!!) be a quick day. I'm a slave to you all weekend, and I'm hoping to make today as short of a double shift as humanly possible because, well, I hate working here. I just need the right nudge to give me the guts to go out and start all over somewhere new. Bye bye, seniority. Wah. Why does work have to suck?

Dear Money,
I've looked and looked, but you have yet to take up residence in my wallet. Where are you? I'm starting to get worried.

Dear Neighbor,
Next time you wander over to my house demanding that I "fix" your forehead that ended up needing stitches, please don't use the phrase, "aren't you a nurse? What are they training you for?" because you, essentially, chose this injury (more on this later). No I'm not a nurse (yet). So don't act all appalled and as though I will suck at it when I (hopefully) am one just because you were trying to avoid a hospital bill. Here's a thought: don't drink, as it is the very thing that lands you with these injuries. ;)

Dear Everyone,
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