Saturday, September 29, 2012

this just in: humans can sink even lower.

Hey everyone!

How is your Saturday? Mine is destined to be no more than "satisfactory" for a number of reasons:
a. I'll be spending a percentage of it at work.
b. I left work early last night because my stomach was bothering me. After coming home and revisiting what was left of my breakfast (not much folks, not much) twice, my apparently expired cream cheese (Feb 2013??) left me nothing but hunger and stomach muscle pains that I'll be taking to work with me. Yay!
c. Did I mention I have to work?

So, in lieu of anything personally worth sharing, aside from the fact that I took yesterday's bagel sickness as a sign that the DIY method sucks and am now forced to only get bagels from Starbucks every morning (:D), I thought I would shed some light on a post I saw yesterday that desperately needs some attention from all of us. (I love a good run-on sentence!)

Meet my blog friend Lauren from Life Love Lauren. She is taking the last couple of days of September (Childhood Cancer Awareness Month) to open up about the personal walk her family has taken with the terrible disease. Her most recent post is one that I found not only repulsive, but something that without a doubt needs more attention from all of us. Here she talks about a "new" kind of identity theft (new to me, at least) where sick, insane people actually hack into cancer patient's clinical trial information to steal their identity. The obvious worst and most disgusting part of this whole thing? They are actually proceeding with the hope that the patient is no longer with us. Pardon my language here, but that is some of the most obscene shit I have ever heard of. Really? Really?? We all have a personal connection to cancer. The tragedy is everywhere. How would these nutjobs feel if their loved one's identity was stolen after they had sadly lost the battle to cancer? It gives a new meaning to adding insult to injury, no? Please go give her post a read and maybe even spread the word. I had never even heard of this crime until yesterday. People need to know.