Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October!

Ahh! October is finally here! My favorite month of the year, folks!

I'm so excited I can't even think of anything to post about!

Just kidding. My weekend was just that dull. :p

So here, have a smorgasbord of random recap details.

I was supposed to work a double. I secretly wished and crossed my fingers all day that I would get out early. Welp, as luck would have it, I was released around 4 (instead of 8-8:30). Because my stomach was killing me. I went home, laid in bed for 4 hours, revisited my breakfast twice (I think it was the culprit, stupid jerk bagel), and wished I was still at work. So, yeah. I got out early, but that was not what I meant, universe.

Stomach muscles aching, mood meter plummeting, I returned to work ready to combat the frustration of dealing with our resident hypochondriac who called out the night before because she was "sick". Now, given that I was a bit under the weather myself I suppose I can't fully point my accusatory finger as I normally would. However, also under consideration is the fact that she does this every Friday. If I were a betting woman (and, judging by my casino habit, I am) I would say she has got to have a "fake an ailment" reminder set in her phone to go off every Friday around 1 pm. It's like clockwork. So, we worked. She whined. And I escaped before I could feel the full wrath of how unfair it is that she had to work a full shift one time.

Oh... and Anthony, my cousin, and I went to the casino that night. How is that for some shocking news to jolt you out of your case of the Mondays? :)

Last day of the weekend, last day of work. Phew. Finally. I survived the full weekend of working just in time to get up tomorrow and go to school and hopefully scrape by with a B on my bio quiz. We'll see. I felt confident in the material .... last Wednesday. I hope I didn't lose it with my breakfast on Friday!

Oh yeah, and I helped Anthony start to move some of his stuff into the stunning new abode his family bought recently. I'm really happy for them. They have been trying for two years to get this house, and everything finally worked out in their favor! Congratulations, future in-laws! :p

Yeah... weekends where I work every day (thankfully few and far between because I have become a stickler about my new "be lazy" rule for Saturdays) aren't very eventful.

But, in other, more exciting news,
- Congratulations to Lauren of Life Love Lauren, the winner of my $10 Starbucks Card Giveaway! Thank you to all who entered!
- I am linking up today at my blog bud Nathan's blog for his Meet New Bloggers hop on the first Monday of every month. Come on over and join in the fun! Plus, there's a giveaway.. Don't join that though. I want to win.
- Wednesday is the first week of my new weekly blog feature that I talked about here. Get your fabulous pumpkin pictures and head on over to my blog to link up! Seriously. Do it. I get discouraged and scared easily. I'd hate to shrink back into my blogger shell and have to blame you.

Just kidding. :)

Happy October everyone!