Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

First & foremost, I want to extend my thoughts & sympathy to those who really suffered or still are suffering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, as I know the numbers are massive, and while we had a similar amount of damage last year, the devastation of this storm is extensive in ways that don't even compare to my measly eight days of no electricity. Those who lost possessions, homes, even loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers. I know how it feels to have one vision of what the end of the year is to be like, and have that shattered in an instant. If there is anything I can do for anyone (I know there are obvious limits, but still, even if it's just a need to talk), please please don't hesitate to contact me. xoxo


In other news (it's difficult and awkward to just shift topics when it's such a serious matter, trust me, I know how insensitive I must sound), it's Halloween! (And my mom's birthday!)

So I thought I would entertain you all with some spooky (ha) pictures from Halloweens past!

(In no particular order because I am lazy)

Vampire. Circa age 12. Before Edward Cullen, there was me.
Me as a bunny, my dad, and my lil punkin' brother. I think I was about 2.
This predates my fear of clowns. I don't think I quite yet grasped how F*CKING SCARY they are. I think I was either 4 or 6 here. Bangs.... Probably 4.
I think I was 6 in this one. My first year as a darling little witch. Just kidding. I am well aware the cuteness had begun to fade by this point. My brother, I don't even know. I mean, I know he is a dinosaur, but I love his pose. He's like a gangsta.
I think I was 7 in this one. My first year as a gypsy. I did it two years in a row because I got to wear real makeup and clip on earrings because I was too much of a baby to get them pierced until I was like, 11.
Age 5 I believe. Ragedy Ann. Right before the cuteness drained out of me.

As for tonight, Anthony and I are going to his brother's house to pass out candy and drink with him, lol. We were going to dress up, but this idea started brewing in August and has since lost its steam. Boo. I wanted to be a Zombie Nurse. Since, well, now that I'm not going to be a nurse anymore, it's more exciting to "pretend".

Oh, and I already have the scrubs and stethoscope, so it's pretty much a free costume. I was just too lazy to drag my butt to Walmart before they ran out of white face paint. Whoops.

...and I may have left out the part where no amount of Zombie Makeup tutorials on YouTube can make me good at applying the stuff realistically.

In short. I suck at Halloween. Hehe.

What are you doing tonight?

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!