Thursday, November 1, 2012

from "nurse to be" to "zombie nurse"

Since my recent shift in career choice, I figured nurse no more (aka, Zombie) was an appropriate costume for this year's Halloween festivities. Because we actually got to have them this year. No thanks to the winter storm last year.

Okay, so on the off chance that I fooled anyone two days in a row....... the reason I was a Zombie Nurse was merely because I am cheap and lazy, and the only thing I had to buy was makeup. Hehe.

Anthony, his brother, his sister, and I went over to his other brother's house to help him pass out candy.

Anthony was a mime. 

Yeah, he "mimed" to kids at the door lol. I was impressed with how many of the young ones were able to, without hesitation be all, "a mime!!" I'd be like, "holy shit, a clown!" and run. :p

His brother Michael was a pirate.

He got super into character as well. Going so far as to chase down a group that walked right by. Turned out they passed us because they had already been here, but hey.. who doesn't want extra candy. A for effort, Michael! Haha.

His sister Olivia was The Grudge or The Ring girl... She figured they were interchangeable lol.

Creepy, no?

And then there was Zombie Nurse.
I will say I was particularly proud of my gash. Though it looked better earlier on before I managed to get any close up pictures in the bathroom like a loser.......... Observe............

Hmm. Maybe from close up they don't look that great at all. Never mind. :p

And for some random other pictures...

I am really short

Don't mind how gross I look in all of them, and I PROMISE my teeth are NOT as yellow as they appear in these pictures, ew!

How was everyone else's Halloween? I have to work for a bit, but I can't wait to come back and check out everyone's pictures!

Happy November everyone!

Oh, and side note, I changed my layout a little bit for November... Back to two columns, and the colors are a little more "Fall-y" ... kind of.