Tuesday, October 2, 2012

taking a quick break from...

... Oh who am I kidding. No one is going to guess this.


Yep, that's right all you doubters out there! I'm actually doing it. I went to bed last night swearing off Blogger until I cleaned my room and the upstairs bathroom.

I haven't done this much free cleaning since the last staff meeting where we had to come in, clean the restaurant, and not get paid for it.

Now, before you all line up to congratulate me on finally having a productive day off, I will admit, I haven't cleaned either of those places yet.

But hey, I'm new at this domestication thing! I started with the living room. I figure, it's one of the first things that guests see after our dining room speckled with 6 patched holes in the wall courtesy of the unruly canine.

Okay. That's a lie. The sole reason I started with the living room was because I went to Walmart this morning and blew through a healthy percentage of my paycheck buying all sorts of Halloween and Autumn-y decorations for my house. Yup. I cleaned the whole room to put two little pumpkin votive holders on the end tables on either side of our couch. But, I really cleaned it. Took out all the clutter, swept up the 490 pounds of dog hair, shoveled out the fireplace (yeah, you heard me), and rearranged a bit. All for two wee pumpkins. Imagine what I could do for a million dollars. Or a Lexus RX 450h.

Aren't the ghosts cute? They are for the bathrooms. And that look on their face? It's because I just told them how much I was about to spend. :-O
Next up was the downstairs bathroom to hardcore clean my neighbor out of it. You remember my neighbor. The one who hobbled over at 2:30 in the morning after drinking, bled on my counter top instead of just waking up his mom, and called me a bad nurse even though I'm not a nurse yet all because I couldn't give him stitches at almost 3am in my bathroom that believe it or not doesn't double as a hospital room?

Yeah, him.
(Post to come on him. I keep promising this. I should probably actually write it.)

I did some light Clorox-spraying after he left that morning, but I didn't scour the surfaces with bathroom cleaner and bleach until today. Hey, what can I say? I like sanitary. ... Oh, and I wanted to put a little ghost in there.

Right now I'm scarfing some weird buffalo wrap that I made (note to self: skip the ranch next time) and taking a quick breather from my rough day of productivity.

Moral of the story? Give me a decoration for a room, and that room will be spotless in no time. Fireplace and all.

Welp. Back to the grind. I'll be by to read up on blogs later tonight. Don't forget, tomorrow is my very first week of my little photography challenge I'm starting (topic: pumpkins)! I'm going to try to figure out this link-up business when I'm done cleaning only the rooms that are going to be decorated. Hehe. Just kidding. :p