Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weekly Photo Wednesday: Cemeteries

Eek! Late start today!

I got up a little late for school and didn't have time to post this before I had to rush out to make time for my coffee stop at what is hopefully my future place of employment. Hehe. Anyway, you know, priorities.

For this week, since we are getting closer to Halloween, I wanted to feature cemeteries, more specifically, this little random one I found a couple weeks ago while out driving in my area.

I know to some cemeteries are associated with morbidity, but -- call me crazy -- I actually think they are really peaceful and quite frankly, beautiful. I love me a good tangible piece of history. I think it's cool to be able to reach out and touch something that has been around a great deal longer than you. It's interesting to me to imagine people actually gathering in that very spot in the 16, 17, and 1800s.

Okay okay. Get on with it, I know.

Anyway, this cemetery, I learned, is called Cooley Cemetery, and it is actually one of 3 or 4 random little graveyards in this town. It's amazing the little pieces of history you can find if you decide to go for a ride one day.

As I've been doing, I'll put a linky at the bottom in case anyone else feels like joining me!

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Happy Wednesday!