Thursday, November 15, 2012

am I right or am I right?

A couple days ago, I was at Anthony's house and we had somehow gotten onto the topic of Ghost Whisperer, and by extension, Jennifer Love Hewitt and her lack of acting ability. Don't believe me? Pick an episode -- any episode...... from my four-season DVD collection..... of Ghost Whisperer.

Hey, I was young(er).....

As if no one else ever had a four-year lapse in judgment... :p

Anyway, as we were sitting making fun of her acting, her dating habits came up. And, you know, the fact that she is a hardcore serial dater and when things don't work out because she is reportedly too clingy, she goes and writes a book about her bad experiences... Honestly, it's like she doesn't want to find a guy.

As fun was being poked at Jennifer Love Huge-tits, a little light bulb went off. And the brighter the bulb shined, the more light was shed upon an uncanny handful of similarities between two female celebrities.....

And then it occurred to me...

Taylor Swift is the Jennifer Love Hewitt of my generation.

Yes I did spend free time doing this while
 watching Ghost Whisperer
and listening to Taylor Swift's "Red". :p
Can you deny it?

Has anyone else noticed these odd similarities?

... and this is what I do with my time day off.  #winner