Wednesday, November 14, 2012

love notes

From myself. To... myself.


But before I get to that, I just wanted to take a second to send a quick love note to my favorite pooch up in doggy Heaven. It was a year ago today that we had to put her down. I still have her collar next to my bed, and I still cry when I read the "Rainbow Bridge" poem. It's so true that you never really "get over" a pet. And it's sad that we only to get to have them for such a short time. But in that time, they most definitely leave some pretty serious paw prints on your heart! Miss you bubs! <3

Above I linked to a post from my old blog from when we put her down, if anyone is interested. Don't mind the heinous layout. Once I left that blog, I started using it as my dummy blog for when I want to see how a layout looks/feels. In case anyone is wondering, the one I currently have there stinks ;).

Alrighty, moving on before the waterworks start get out of control.

What was I saying again?

Oh yeah, love notes.

Or, in my case, a nice way of saying, "I am not smart enough to function without these notes."

I'm sure we all do this every so often. Or maybe I am just saying that so that I feel like less of an amnesiac because I have to do it.

When I need to remember to do something, I leave a post-it on my bedroom door. The more important, the closer to my eye level.

So basically, the lower the note, the more important it is. Said the midget.

You know, the normal stuff -- birthdays, reminders to mail things, I have one up there now reminding me that my tuition is due by 12/28.

Oh, and then the not so normal things, kind of like this one, that has graced my door since October.


Yup. It's true. I sometimes (ahem, most Sundays) need a reminder to change into sneakers before I leave the house to go to work.

But hey! Before you get all eyebrow-raisey and judgy, I have my reasons! In the morning when I take the dog out, I throw on my fake uggs because they're easy. 

Oh yeah, they are also the epitome of comfortable. And before I head down to work where I will spend the day uncomfortable, in a pool of melancholy depression, girlfriend likes to be as comfy as possible.

............. and sometimes I'm just so comfortable, I forget. :)

Do you leave yourself notes? What helps you remember to change your shoes? :p