Saturday, December 1, 2012


 Hey everyone!

Happy Friday!

Can you believe it is December already? Holy shit.

Shocking rapid progression of 2012 aside, I feel like I have been MIA lately. I mean, I posted yesterday, but aside from that, I haven't really been online since about Tuesday.

But, I have news.

Fabulous news.

Aside from the fact that things are looking somewhat grim for my brother and his cougar. (What?)

I received said news at work yesterday afternoon....


Ahh!! Elation. Sweet bliss. The liberation of being able to march down to my boss's office and give my sweet, sweet two weeks notice.

Oh but wait. I'm a giant wuss. And now that phase one (landing the job) is complete, phase two (telling my boss) has me shitting bricks.

Especially since I work directly with her every Friday and it's fun.

I feel like she would be totally blind sided by this.

And take it personally.

Because her employees are more friends than employees. Which is probably why her business doesn't run smoothly, thus forcing me to seek employment elsewhere. Hmm. That's an awkward little "full circle" phenomenon, eh?

Any suggestions for giving notice? Gulp.