Tuesday, February 19, 2013

giveaway winner and other randoms

Happy Tuesday folks!

First up, thank you to everyone who participated in my first ever Mark-Out Monday yesterday! This will continue to happen pretty much every Monday, so be sure to check back next time!

This week's winner is.....

Breanna from Sweet Silver Lining!!

Congratulations Breanna! Please shoot me an e-mail with your shipping information and how you would like the coffee ground.. what kind of filter does your coffee maker use?

Thanks again everyone, see you next time!


In other news, I had some pretty pleasing dreams last night during my delectable nine hours of sleep. In the first one I found four Louis Vuitton umbrellas in my mailbox (big mailbox..) that were given to me to give away on my blog. I didn't know Louis Vuitton made umbrellas, but I'd take it! In the second, I was on Instagram and my picture got 87 likes in like, a matter of seconds. Hello, social media fame.

On the school front, my 3D design teacher is pissing me off. I'm all for constructive criticism and suggestions, but lady, come on. I draw the line at actually telling numerous people they wouldn't be graded as well, or you would feel they "dropped the ball" if they didn't go a step further and take your suggestions. And for the record, no, my green bell pepper is not something in which I can visualize polka dots. Second, the girl who did the incredibly realistic star fish on the beer bottle? Stop insisting she take the label off! The label does not take away, in fact it adds to it. And finally, the guy who did the mushroom -- I don't think it matters what color the base is. It's not distracting at all, and would become more distracting if he took your ultimatum "suggestion". Art is subjective. Argh. Go take a hike in your sketchers.

I know I had more to talk about but I can't remember now, haha. I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Happy Pretty Little Liars day!