Monday, February 18, 2013

Mark-Out Monday #1

Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! It was co-ooold over here in Connecticut. Sheesh. This weather can't make up its mind. Hot, cold, rain, snow, wind... Ooph.

But anyway, it's Monday now, and time for the first ever Mark-Out Monday! Where my weekly Starbucks mark-out is up for grabs for one of you lucky bloggers!

For this week, I will be featuring a dark roast, the Caffè Verona!

Caffè Verona
A multi region full-bodied blend of Latin American & Asia/Pacific coffees, Italian roast added for depth.

Tasting Notes
Roasty & sweet

Pairs Well With

*This pairing thing? No joke. I never knew this until I started working here, but if a coffee is paired correctly? You don't need to add a drop of cream or a granule of sugar. Pairing coffee balances the flavor and it's delicious. Give it a try. Seriously!

Don't be afraid of the dark roast! Contrary to popular belief, it is not more caffeinated, and, in my opinion, is actually more flavorful than a lighter roast. Here is a nice easy way to give it a try without having to pay $10.95 for something you may not like!

To win:

(+1) Be a follower of my blog. (In this comment, please tell me how, if you win, you would like it ground, or if you would prefer it not be ground, and just sent as the beans.)
(+1) What is your favorite thing on the Starbucks menu?
(+1) Tweet about it!

* Separate comments for each, please! *

Happy Mark-Out Monday! I hope you enjoy, and that this can become a fun little weekly giveaway at my blog!