Wednesday, March 13, 2013

small victories

Sometimes you have to appreciate the little things...

... My blog bud Lauren from Life Love Lauren won the coffee giveaway of the week! Congratulations Lauren!

... A few days ago, I made my first foam heart in a latte. Granted, it was completely by accident, and thus took no skill from me. But still, it was a cool moment for this budding barista!

... On Monday I went to TJ Maxx just for haha's, because I am in need of an Easter outfit, and I am too cheap to go to Kohl's nowadays. Oh, and I just missed the end of a 30% & Kohl's cash sale. Screw that. :p (Ironic, considering I finally got a Kohl's charge...) Anyway, while I was roaming around TJM, I thought I would stop by the perfume section, and see if they had any good stuff for cheap. My goal for the Kohl's sale was to get a little bottle of one of my favorites -- Ed Hardy, Love Kills Slowly. I ran out about six months ago and have been delicately spritzing with the fumes left in the bottle (desperate?) because I love the smell and am too cheap to spend $35 on a tiny bottle. So yeah, there I am in TJM and I see it. The Ed Hardy I have been yearning for.... and.... gasp... it's bigger than the one at Kohl's! And probably the same price as the smaller one. I would totally spend $35 on a bottle this size!

So, brace yourselves, people, because, not only was it bigger than the one I would have got for $35 (at 30% off, so about $24.50), but this ginormo was priced at $24 whoppers! Ahhh! A steal! A steal! I grabbed that bottle and booked it to the checkout line (with my Easter outfit in hand as well).

Moral of the story? Always check TJ Maxx first.

... Dog food was also on sale that day. Monday was a good one for this cheapo!

... I somehow accidentally got three days off from work in a row. This hasn't happened since my first few weeks there and I had Christmas off.

And now, I'm off to enjoy the last of my three days by........ cleaning my car! (Don't worry. I wasn't that enthusiastic either.)

I hope you are all experiencing the beautiful day that we are over here in Connecticut! Happy Hump Day!