Monday, March 18, 2013

who invited you?

... and by "you" I of course mean Monday. Or my cousin's friend N, but, we'll get to that later.

***Disclaimer: After re-reading this, I actually feel kind of mean.. in my defense, it's been a rough weekend. Midterms, work, not enough time for both... eek. I'll be better next time, I swear!***

Last week was spring break, full of working and not studying for a midterm that I'm gearing up to fail as I type this post. So, you could say I wasn't really looking forward to waking up at the crack of dawn, and starting back up with the hardcore gas wasting that accompanies my four commutes to and from school on Mondays and Wednesdays. It was a nice week, last week. Remembering what it felt like to milk a full tank of gas for over seven days.

Anyway, before I switch over to full-on "woe is me" and drone on about how I'm totally going to fail the shit out of the "make it or break it" midterm that I'm about to take that will determine whether or not I drop the online Art History class that I just can't find the time to remember to participate in, I'll give you guys a quick run down of my weekend. 

How's that for a run-on sentence? ;) Finally a blog name that fits! :p

Anthony and I on the way to the casino :) Don't mind my dumb face. It was a quicky taken to send to my cousin and his friend in the car ahead of us. :p

It was another casino weekend around these parts. This time for my cousin's birthday. We caved and brought his friend N along which ended up being a complete disaster. We have gone once before with N, and I think that time we also made a vow to the tune of "never again", but apparently forgot in the midst of "it's R's birthday, let him choose" selflessness. Oh, that and R bringing a bud meant Anthony and I could go off and do our own thing every so often. Which we did. Right off the bat, because N and his crazy (alleged) anxiety had him bouncing around that casino like a kangaroo on crack. All I wanted was a donut and apparently that meant being separated from R & N for 20 minutes because N couldn't sit still the five minutes it took us to shoot over to Dunkin'. But hey, I wasn't complaining.

When we finally met up again, we stuck with R because he wasn't having the greatest time due to N's inability to move at a normal human gait. Deciding the only thing left to do was drink and gamble, we sat down at some machines and waited for the waitresses to come by with their trays of $1 delights.

Between my cappuccino, Anthony's dirty martini, and our 1/2 cent slot machine's, we were ready to take on anything. Anything except N. We told R we would be over in another area. Eventually he ditched N too to come find us, because N was glued to a jam-packed craps table. What was that about crowd-induced anxiety? This is super unfriendly, but when it was just Anthony, R, and I, it was really fun. We were just hanging out over by one of the bars, and wishing the trip had included one less person. Not in a mean way, I know R invited him and all, but when you go to the casino, it's significantly less fun when you feel like you are babysitting a caged animal.


A little while later, we were ushered back to hell by a text from N demanding to know where we were. "Sam, where are you?" He used my name. That means business. Apparently in the 15 minutes we were separated, he managed to blow through $60 between the craps table and a slot machine. No offense to anyone with this particular flavor of gambling addiction, but how anyone can allow one single machine to take a third of their money is beyond me. Call me stingy, but once a penny machine takes around $3 from me without giving any back, I take my money and run. So, someone pouring $20 into a machine that has consistently stolen from them for the last ten+ spins makes me think one thing: you deserve it for letting it happen. 

The rest of the night consisted of us trying to talk N off the financial cliff. First he said he was "freaking out" about the money he lost. I would have believed that if his first move after getting some air (aka standing outside freezing while he chilled out) wasn't to go to the ATM and withdraw some more. 

We held onto his credit cards through dinner, but afterward I gave them back when ultimately, if he wants to burn through all of his money, then so be it. Eventually, he lost $30 on another penny machine  (seriously, this kid to the casino must be like shooting fish in a barrel), and we were finally able to drag him out of there after six hours when I started fake whining about being "tired". 

On the plus side, R was not a bother at all. Sometimes he can be a little much, but in comparison to N, he was an angel who floated down from Heaven. Haha. He won about $40, which was great because he never leaves ahead. He had good luck on his birthday, so that was cool.

In the end, I think it's best for both parties if N doesn't come anymore. Personally, for his own sake I think he would be wise to avoid the casino as much as possible. I think he might actually have a bit of an addiction. It was alarming to watch. I don't know how someone can lose that kind of money so fast. It takes me all night to spend $10. Granted, I rarely win anything, but it isn't much of a bummer when the most I ever lose is $10, you know?

Yikes. This has gone on a little long. About that midterm.... it's an online written exam and I'm going to try and get it out of the way right now. We have two hours to take it, and I don't want to have to worry about it before work tomorrow during the time I usually designate to my hair. :p

Ick. I had a dream about this exam. I think I just need to take the plunge and get it done now. Eek.. the nerves.....

Sorry for such a whiny post. This weekend was iffy and the exam has me riddled with actual anxiety, not the N kind where it's only there when you're not gambling. :p 

Hopefully once it's out of the way, I'll be able to post some more cheerful shit. :p Just kidding. Gah. Wish me luck!