Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter weekend

Heya folks. Popping in from the "worst blogger ever" corner of the internet.

I swear it's not because I'm walking away from blogging or anything. I have just been so busy with school and work lately, that I haven't had time to jump on the computer much. When I get busy and don't have much time to myself to just chill out, unfortunately, when I do find a few minutes, sitting and composing a blog post is actually pretty low on the list of things I want to do. I hate to say it, but it is a chore lately. I'm trying to find some motivation, though. Once school is over, I will have more free time. Just about six more weeks! Bear with me!

I'm also going to put Mark-Out Mondays on hold until then. Making trips to the post office is, as ridiculous as it sounds, is just something I don't have much time for nowadays. I wish I did. I love doing that giveaway. Blah. It will be back though!

Anyway, how was everyone's Easter weekend? I hope you all had the fabulous weather that we did over in New England. It was like spring arrived literally over night!

Happy Easter from the most terrifying mall Easter bunny on the planet Earth!
Anthony was on spring break this past week, and despite his jerk professors weighing him down with work even over break, he managed to find a couple days to break free, and we went down to his beach house in southern CT Thursday-Saturday.

I had to work Thursday morning and squeeze in a hair appointment before Easter, and he was working on his project, so we left around 5pm, and got there a little over an hour later. It wasn't a bad ride at all. It was so warm out and the sun setting was so pretty.

Maddie's feelings about getting in the car. That is her "I don't think so" pose. We saw a lot of that this weekend.

The obligatory "and we're off!" Instagram shot.

After arriving and turning the heat and hot water on, we went budget grocery shopping (aka, bought peanut butter, jelly, bread, milk, cereal, and water), and then came back and pretty much went to bed instead of the casino as planned, because my 80-year-old ass got out of bed at 4 for work, and I was "too tired." What a buzzkill.

The full day we spent there (Friday) we had to be out of the house by 9:45am because the house is on the market and there was a showing scheduled. After getting ready, we loaded Maddie and her stink eye into the car, and went off to Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast, and then waked Maddie from beach to beach. The weather was perfect, and it was just an overall great morning. It was awesome to finally have a day off (it had been a while since I had a day that didn't involve either work or school), and for it to be spent with Anthony (and Maddie!) and have nice weather? I was feeling pretty thankful. ;)

The Mad-ster got a lot of attention on the street. A mail main gave her a treat, and two women stopped to chat and show us every single picture they ever took of their golden on their phone. :p 

This town is so gorgeous. I think it's close to the top of the list of relocation areas. It's dirt cheap compared to our overpriced area, and hello, coastal. The mailmen walk and carry dog treats. How much better does it get? Not to mention, it's still in CT and only an hour from our family. Better yet? twenty minutes from Mohegan Sun. Hehe.

I definitely see a high probability of us living here one day. It was talked about a lot over the weekend. Gah. Love it.

Friday night after dealing with cousin drama, as usual (more on that later, it deserves its own post), we went to the casino. It was fun, but would have been better with one less person. Argh. Kid always has to find a way to muscle his way into everything.

Saturday was kind of blue because it was the day we had to leave. It was a bummer that our time there was so short. Hopefully once school is out schedules will be a bit more flexible and we can do this more often. Because, honestly, it was such a perfect weekend. It was depressing to get back to real life on Monday.

As for Easter Sunday I went to church early, got ready while Anthony was at church with his dad and brother, and then we headed to his grandma's house. Another great day. Overall this Easter was just short of perfect. I didn't get to see my mom for it, but she insisted she was fine with me spending it with Anthony's family. I still felt a little guilty though. But there will be other holidays. :)

Anthony and his youngest cousin. She is too adorable.

His grandma gave me an Easter gift with $20. So nice and thoughtful but completely unnecessary. She is so darn adorable I want to adopt her.

I hope everyone else had a fabulous Easter weekend as well! Can't wait to read all about them!