Friday, April 12, 2013

just another day in my head.

Hey everyone, happy Friday!

Coming to you today from the corner of a new Starbucks location (for me). I thought I would like a change of scenery from the usual Starbucks I hit up when I need to get some homework done. I figured, new setting, new crowd, new lighting... I'll be as focused as a laser!

Ha. As it turns out, my self-diagnosed A.D.D. is in overdrive in this new environment. 

For starters, I was not expecting all but one of the tables to be taken in the early afternoon of this random Friday in April. The only available table when I arrived was floating in the middle of the room like a buoy. Now, this isn't a huge deal, however I do generally like to either position myself in a corner or up against some sort of wall. I like the feeling of being anchored to a wall -- wherever that wall may be. But, like I said, if I'm not, it's not the end of the world.

Oh, unless my battery is at a plummeting 20%.

Learning this new information, as I was in line, I was skimming for a free table, preferably one up against a wall. As I grabbed my coffee off the bar, one opened up behind me. Against a wall. Ahh! My lucky day! I grabbed my computer bag, purse, coffee, bagel, and art history book, while calling back Anthony, whom I had ignored while I was ordering my drink. 

You know those balloon vendors? Where the balloons are all secured, but are going every which way and make the person take up 40 times more space than he or she normally would? Well, I'm pretty sure that's what I looked like now, and every other time I insist on transporting every one of my belongings in a single trip.

Phew! Relocation successful. Phone call completed. I ran down my mental checklist as I slathered cream cheese on my multigrain bagel. I was ready to work.

Until I looked down along my new friend Mr. Wall, and saw that he had no outlet. WTF. 

Whatever, I thought. I will do as much as I can, and eventually an outlet table will open up somewhere.

But of course, instead of getting straight to work, I see it fit to start messaging my cousin and carrying on a conversation about the location of my chimney (what???) with my now 16% of battery.

The anxiety creeps in. Of course I can't focus now. Because all I am doing while strolling around Blackboard looking for my assignment, is glancing up at my dropping battery. 

I quickly read my assignment, and decide to rough it with an archaic pen and paper (so last century) instead, and then type it up afterward.

As I close the computer, I take one last desperate glance behind me at the rest of the store. A table in the corner that I had been eyeing like my dog eyes my dinner had freed up! Alas! 

I could have only been happier if the clouds parted and God Himself came down and ushered me to this table that, at this point, seemed to be basking in a heavenly glow.

A corner table.

With an outlet.

Did I desire anything else in that very moment? I did not.

And now here I sit, with my battery at a healthy 52% and climbing. Ah. Bliss.

... Well, that was dramatic. I know I haven't been around for a while, and anyone reading this is probably like, "she has changed in her time away." Don't worry. This mumbo jumbo isn't the norm. I don't think. I'm sure I will return soon enough. Just not this weekend where I have three papers due Sunday and Monday, between work shifts..... said the girl as she sits and wastes precious minutes overdramatizing the search for a wall outlet in a blog post.


Happy Friday!