Friday, May 10, 2013

friday letters

Dear Spring. Thank you for such a gorgeous cluster of days lately.  It has been sunny and warm for practically a week straight with just a day or two of rain in the mix over the last couple of days.  But, the sun is back out now, and we are at the highest temperature of the year so far -- 82!  Keep it up, Mother Nature, and we're sure to be friends again after that brat of a winter you put us through!

Dear Boyfriend. You amaze me.  I can't believe the dedication and the hard work you put into literally every single day of your semester.  It is finally the tail end, and you are in the final stretch, and I can't wait for you to have some real time off.  A real break that you haven't had since last summer because you were traveling to Istanbul or using the small remainder of winter break to finish a project early.  Or doing homework over spring break because your professor's seem to think you grad students crave work, projects, and all-nighters like a an alcoholic craves booze.  I don't think so.  One last thing -- pretty please with sugar on top, let me fill out your evaluation of your teachers?  Because we both know you will be too nice.

Dear Self.  You also amaze me.  Equally, but in the opposite way.  It amazes me how cavalier you are about your own school work.  For example right now.  It is the one day you will have an ounce of free time to complete your two final essays for one online class, and the studying for the final exam of your other classes.  And yet, here you sit in Starbucks, book open on your lap looking like you're astutely completing final assignments like a good little student.  When really, you're switching tabs between Blogger, Facebook, and Twitter, while deciding the best time to squeeze in a quick trip to TJMaxx.  Maybe instead of using the book as a lap blanket, you actually read the drama and write your essays, and save the shopping for the ample time you will have over the summer.  What say you?

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