Sunday, May 12, 2013

mother's day


Words can't express how grateful I am to you for your years and lifetime of care, worries, arguments, laughs, and most importantly, your unconditional love.  You are responsible for any and every good fiber of my being.  You were a solid foundation upon which I built my life, and even when life had its earthquakes, you still held strong for kids.  You are all I could ask for in a perfect mother and more.  I know you don't think you're perfect, and you probably feel some mistakes were made along the way, I wouldn't have my life any other way.  It and you brought me to where I am.  You told me once I would one day appreciate the "no's" and "because I said so's", and looking around at so many teenagers nowadays, I don't think I could be more appreciative than I am this very moment.  Your love and the desire to never intentionally upset you was the key ingredient to keeping me on the straight and narrow in life.  I never caved to peer pressure or "experimenting" with substances or anything like that in high school.  Not because I had some brag-worthy self-control, or because I was some model child.  It was because I knew better because of you.  It was because I had a mom who led by example.  A mom I wanted to be like.  And I hope I can make you as proud to be my mom as I am to be your daughter, and if I can be half the mom to my kids that you are to me, then that is a success in my book.  I can't even fathom life without you, and I am forever indebted to God for giving me such an amazing gift that is you as the woman I can call my mom.

Happy Mother's Day, Mommers!