Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

Yesterday (Memorial Day) was a fantastic day.  I could not have asked for a better, more fun, or more relaxing day off.  The weather was perfect.  The plans got altered quite a bit, but 100% for the better.  Originally it was just a barbecue at Anthony's brother's.  But it ended up being an early parade with Anthony, the barbecue with not just his parents but his whole immediate family, and then everyone piling into their suburban for a spur of the moment Monday evening trip down to their beach house for a quick lawn mowing, and then onward to the casino with everyone.  Normally it is Anthony, myself, and his brother.  This time it was his younger brother, younger sister, and parents too.  It was just a perfect day.  I couldn't be more thankful to have found my way to this amazing guy and his equally amazing family; and it made for a great Memorial Day and every other day I get to spend with them.  It has always been a favored holiday of mine, but this year takes the cake, that's for sure.  

Funny side note -- that last picture is documentation of college students doing Anthony's sister's high school homework.  A useful bargaining chip that scored us an extra hour at the casino on a school night. ;)

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Memorial Day as well!