Wednesday, June 12, 2013

holy poop.

Do you know how long it has been since I last blogged?

Let's see.... just now, when I was about to add a page to the ol' blogster, I had to pause a second, because I actually forgot what my blog header looked like. What the?!

You guys, I'm in a serious rut.  Every so often, I find myself wallowing.. in the blog sense.  I run out of topics, I run out of time, I get mopey about posting.  I get whiny, ask myself, "why bother? It's not like anyone reads it anyway" cup runneth-ing over with self-pity-- you know the drill. I hope.

It has been really hard for me to throw together one post per week, as of late, let alone a daily collection of thoughts.  Not because I don't want to.  No, in fact, it's the opposite-- I really want to blog and get back into the groove.  But it has been difficult finding things to write about, and I'm sure no one is lining up to hear about the day to day of my Starbucks life.

I have been going to the beach a lot with Anthony, but even that doesn't seem exciting enough to post about daily.

It's almost like I need topics to be generated for me.  Give me a topic, and I can go for days.  Place me in front of a blank canvas?  You'll wait for days.

A blogger in need of post topics... does this mean I should stop blogging?  Has my time come?  My ship sailed?  Am I just missing the writing on the wall?  That maybe blogging just isn't really for me?  Do I just want it to be so?

Argh.  Has anyone else been in a rut such as this one?  Any advice?