Monday, May 13, 2013

to do:

Well, ladies and gentlemen.... the day is finally here.  Where I can kiss goodbye campus, cramming, projects, midterms, quizzes, finals, the works for another summer break.

Well, right after I take my final final.  Which is right after I finish this post. Priorities.

With the end of the semester comes an abundance of free time that I have been lacking since about last December.

This was by far the most hectic semester of my life.  Not only did I start a new major, but I also started a new job at almost the exact same time, so, one could say it was a little bit overwhelming for me.  30+ hours per week at work, plus four classes, a job, a boyfriend, a room that wasn't getting cleaned and a car that was becoming more and more filled with crap with every passing day?  Well, you could say that made for one stressed out disorganized, frazzled student barista girlfriend.  Which some may have noticed with my absence around this dusty corner of the internet.

I probably won't be saying this when it actually comes time to start getting around to these "to do" list chores, but you can bet that now, when about to stare down a two-hour final, and then work for the next five days, I'm eagerly awaiting that first free moment I'll experience next Sunday afternoon when all of that is behind me.

What are these things I will soon be complaining about?

+ Cleaning my room.  This has fall way way by the wayside this past semester.  I cleaned it in January while Anthony was in Istanbul.  I did so out of sheer boredom, and because Anthony told me I wouldn't be able to get it clean by the time he came back.  Well, challenge accepted, sir. Game, set, match. ;)  .......But.... now it's messy again, and I'm sick of living in it.  Ew.
+ Cleaning my car.  Another thing I was unable to keep up with.  I cleaned this baby out not too long ago, but with final art projects and a need for cardboard in my 3D design class, my car is pretty much filled to the brim with junk.  In every area accept the trunk area, ironically.  That is actually empty.  The seats however, (with the exception of the driver's seat) are covered.  Another ew.
+ Count and roll my change. At Starbucks, our tips are given in bags of change.  Perhaps the biggest of the ew's of this post.  I like rolling change, and I want every penny of it, otherwise I would go to coin-star and pay its fees.  But every time I went to roll some, a little voice in my head would go, "shouldn't you be doing _______________?" Fill in the blank with any given standing homework assignment.
+ Go through my DVR.  Rough life, I know.
+ Blog more regularly.  Which is where everyone else comes in.  I am so out of practice at this point and am open to pretty much anything.  Is there anything anyone wants a post about?  Anything you would like promoted on the blog?  The "New Post" page is literally a blank canvas for you to fill in.  Help a fellow blogger out? :) 

Full schedule ahead, eh?  Ha.  We'll see how much of that actually gets done.  No school really only frees up two of my weekdays.  But then again there is no homework that takes up the rest of my life.  I'm refusing to waste summertime.  This is supposed to be a good one.  Because I said so.  So, let's just see what lies ahead, shall we?

Well, after I go fail my art history final........ sigh.  Wish me luck.