Wednesday, June 19, 2013

summer kickoff swim

I love summertime. There's nothing like busting out the bathing suit that has been tucked away since August or September of the year before.  

Anthony's family is renovating their beach house, and fixing up the pool was the first step!  It was finished last week, and then Monday, it was finally warm enough to dive in!  Don't get me wrong, we've had some pretty warm days, but not since the pool, and it takes a scorcher to be able to comfortably jump into a pool filled with chilly hose water!  

We were desperate to take the plunge into the water that looked so appetizing, so once the air temps hit 80, and the water temps hit 64, we went to lunch (Chinese Buffet, baby!), grabbed some cheap rafts, and rushed back to the house to get ready to possibly freeze our butts off.

Much to our surprise, while it was a little on the chillier side, it wasn't completely unbearable, and we were in it for a decent bit of time... I may have even gotten a jumpstart on my tan! (Not really.)

How were your weekends?

hello, new Facebook picture!

love this picture of my two favorites. :)

In other news:

- I'm thinking of finally adding AdSense to my blog... any thoughts?  Have you tried it?  Do you feel that it's worth it?

- I think Mark-Out Monday is coming back starting maybe next week.  I think I'm starting to slowing ease back into blogging again... so we'll see.  Stay tuned!

Happy Wednesday!