Thursday, July 18, 2013


Hey all, I'm posting this from my phone because there is no Internet at the beach house. 

So I'll be brief: I am incredibly disappointed in and outraged by Rolling Stone magazine's choice to dedicate their August 2013 cover to the Boston Marathon bomber. 

Much like the Sandy Hook nightmare just a couple months earlier, many were saying, attention is what these people crave. They are looking for people to know their names, their faces, and their "causes". Rolling Stone is a great achievement and life accomplishment for those lucky enough to have their faces on it's cover. And to give a terrorist that opportunity, that spotlight is nothing short of un-American, and it sends a terrible message. 

I don't care that he was popular. I don't care that he had a bright future. I don't care that somewhere down the line he was scooped up by a terrorist group. I care about the 8-year-old boy who was killed. The security guard. The spectators and runners who lost limbs and brain function. The family members of those who were lost. THAT is who I want to see on the cover of our big magazines. Not those responsible for their agony. 

So I hope Rolling Stone learns from this mistake. The cover story of our popular magazines are not reserved for terrorists or murderers. In closing I'd like to give a nice heartfelt shout out to stores such as CVS/pharmacy, Walgreens, Cumberland Farms, and many others for boycotting the sale of August's issue. Thank you for speaking for those whose voices were stolen from them, and not letting their killer pollute the cover of magazines without consequence. 

Those are the real Americans.