Monday, July 22, 2013

Hey all, happy Sunday!  The dreadful humidity has finally broken, and you can bet I am stoked to finally look forward to a night where I won't be sweating my you-know-what off while trying to sleep in a house with no AC.

Aside from the sweltering heat, the weekend has been great, chock full of sun, fun, and friends.  How have your weekends been? 

We head home tomorrow, and I'm back to work Tuesday for, get this, one day, and then my boss gave me Wednesday, Thursday, Friday off for my birthday.  Not that I have anything planned, but still, it will give me time to catch up on some stuff, which will be nice.

I started typing this when Anthony's parents left to go buy a Scrabble game, and they're just getting back, so, it's go time, ha.  Wish me luck!